To All of Our Volunteers…We Thank You!!!

The 2018-2019 school year is quickly coming to a close…and WOW what a year it has been!!!  Our volunteers at Bonny Slope Elementary never cease to amaze us and we continue to be so grateful for all of you!  

You ALL give so generously of your time and talents, and most importantly you support our kids, the staff, and the school as a whole so that ultimately our kids can have fun, focus on what is important, and be well rounded in their education.  We speak for all of BSCO and the Bonny Slope Community when we say a big THANK YOU for ALL you do and give back to our school! (BSCO = Bonny Slope Community Organization, in case you’ve always wondered ;-))

Here are some fun and eye opening stats from our gracious volunteers this school year (as of June 6th, 2019):

  • Total # of Volunteer Hours thus far for the 2018-19 school year is nearly 7500 hours, and this is just the time spent by our volunteers at school during school hours!

    • Considering we have had 178 student days in 2018-2019 through June 6th, that’s over 42 hours of volunteers per day, which is equivalent to almost 6 full time staff members!  

  • Top 3 Activities in regards to Hours and # of Volunteers:

    • (1) Classroom Support - Majority of our volunteers spend their time in the classrooms, supporting our kids and teachers, with close to 2400 volunteer hours in the classroom and 281 volunteers giving their time to support our kids and teachers in the classroom!

    • (2) Art Literacy - Our second most volunteered activity is Art Literacy, with nearly 1400 volunteer hours and 193 volunteers helping out with this popular activity that all of our kids love and look forward to!  

    • (3) Jog-a-Thon - One of our top fundraisers, Jog-a-Thon brings so many volunteers together to plan this fun event and successfully ‘execute’ it for our kids! 

  • Of course, we have MANY other activities that could not have been successful without our volunteer support - 33 committees / activities if we’re counting!  These activities may require less time and less people to make all the magic happen, but they all have a large impact on our kids and community!!!  

Looking forward to a fun-packed, last week of school next week with Field Day, End of Year Classroom Parties, and 5th Grade Farewell Activities!  Thank you all for a great school year and enjoy your summer!

Your BSCO Directors of Volunteers, Stephanie and Michelle